Microsoft .NET Framework

Micorosft released the .NET framework in the year 2002. This new framework was carefully designed to address old problems and provide a modern environment for creation of applications for many years to come.

The .NET Framework provides Object Orientation features and consistency as compared to older technologies like MFC and COM.

Features/Advantages of Microsoft.NET

Here are some of the eye catching features of .NET Framework.

No. Feature/Advantage Description
1. Cross Platform .NET can run on a wide variety of devices and platforms from desktops/laptops to servers to cell phone.This makes it a modern general purpose platform that can be used to build anything.
2. Security .NET was designed with security in mind. This was important as it designed after the inception of internet where security was seen as big problem. With .NET even code obtained from a suspect source is executed in a secure environment.
3. Modern Communication Standards .NET is a mature framework that incorporates the best industry communication standards such as HTTP, JSON, SOAP, XML and WSDL.
4. Interoperable Code written with .NET are not only interoperable among various .NET languages but also with the existing code written in COM as well as Win32 DLLs.
5. Numerous Programming Languages .NET Platform allows developers make applications using numerous programming languages like C#,VB, F# etc.
6. Common runtime All .NET languages share a common runtime which common predifined types.
7. Simplifified Deployment Model .NET programs, as compared to the previous windows technologies, are much easier to deploy. This because of the following reasons:

  1. .NET programs do not need registration at the registry.
  2. Through side by side execution, different versions of DLLs can exist on the same machine. Hence every executable can have access to the version of the DLL it was built for.
8. Type Safety The CLR in the .NET Framework ensures that data objects as well method parameters and return types are type safe.

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