Common Intermediate Language

Common Intermediate Language is abbreviated as CIL.

This is an Intermediate Language onto which code found in an assembly exists.

CIL sometimes is also called IL(Intermediate Language) or MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language).

CIL Sits above .NET language.

Compilation of a typical C# class results into a .exe assembly file containing:

  1. Manifest.
  2. CIL instructions
  3. Metadata describing the type.

.NET aware languages do emit CIL code and not platform specific instructions.

Benefits of CIL

1. Language Integration.

This is possible since the CIL instructions that are generated are almost identical.
Thus the languages can interact within a low-level arena.

2. Platform-Agnostic.

CIL contains platform agnostic code hence this makes .NET Framework itself platform agnostic.


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